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Investment Approach

Infinity's core strategy is to invest in companies with great potential to become leaders in China through the leveraging of technological know-how. This approach capitalizes on combining the fast growing Chinese economy with Infinity's know-how and access to advanced technologies and proven IP.

Our added value to investors and portfolio companies lies in being able to offer our knowledge, network and experience of each culture and to capitalize on these strengths. We are able to recognize the numerous opportunities that exist in the expanding Chinese economy. And as a result, our multicultural Chinese/Israeli team consistently creates success stories that are our hallmark.

Investment, Technology & IP

China has undergone intense economic growth for nearly three decades. During this time, a convenient infrastructure was built, private consumption grew and a competitive work force emerged. China's stock market has climbed five-fold over the past two years, and efforts are under way to create an emerging market that will cater to younger companies. The government is also driving efforts and encouraging companies to adopt new innovations, a shift that has been evolving for the past five years with the country’s commitment to moving from a low cost supply of labor to a more value-added services economy. Innovation and the creation of Chinese brands are key focal points. Infinity has and continues to play an active and influential role in this forward movement. Infinity’s many cross border funds proactively support and spur these initiatives both in and outside of China.

Infinity is proud to serve as the hub for technology, innovation and cooperation as well as international investment opportunities in China.

Infinity systematically adds value to late stage companies engaged in international sales, by creating an opening to the Chinese market for their products. By investing in companies interested in strategic alliances, Infinity is able to assist these companies in identifying and partnering with local Chinese companies. In addition Infinity’s many business and government connections as well as long term relations enable these same companies to establish production and manufacturing facilities in China at lower costs, thereby generating higher profits as well as enabling the company to better compete in the world market.

Chinese businesses also gain value by operating within the Infinity network, but in the opposite direction. The infusion of cutting edge technology, products and know-how into Chinese businesses enables these companies to beat the competition in China with innovative product offerings. The combination of a local Chinese business with foreign investment (USD or RMB) and leading technology, from sources such as Maayan Ventures, a publicly traded chain of technology incubators of which Infinity is a controlling shareholder, is a formula for value creation that leads to future exit opportunities both in terms of IPOs and M&As.

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