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We are providing services and investment into agriculture, forestry, livestock, and ecological friendly technologies. We provide advanced technologies from Israel as well as other countries. We can implement turn-key projects that integrate various technologies under EPC contracts. The purpose of this company is to introduce advanced technologies and management into China and demonstrate that agriculture related planting, husbandry, processing can be profitable and sustainable. The focusing on the following sectors: dairy, beef, ship, irrigation, greenhouse for vegetables flowers, and fruits, organic food, animal feed plantation and processing.

We signed a service contract with ShengMu. We are going to manage its farm of 3000 milking cows to improve its yield, pregnancy rate, etc and overall management of this farm. This farm provides raw milk to MengNiu. It is the single biggest farm to provide raw milk to MengNiu in Inner Mongolia.

We signed a service contract with


Kaiima, whose name in Hebrew means sustainability, is an innovative Israel-based, seed and breeding-technology company. Kaiima's mission is to help feed the world and energize it by introducing new varieties of key agricultural crops, specifically designed for sustainable agriculture, with vastly improved yields.


Futuragene (FGN) is one of Israel's top companies in the agriculture field and is a leader in the genetic modification of crops. As the company develops its IP strategy further, relationships and experiences in agriculture investment, and deals providing leverage with IP in China are key.

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