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China Development Bank

China Development Bank, founded in March 1994, is under the direct jurisdiction of the State Council. At present it has 32 branches and four representative offices across the country. Over the past decade CDB has followed conscientiously China' s macroeconomic policies and carried out its macro-control functions in support of national economic development and strategic structural readjustment. CDB has been a major player in long-term financing for key projects and supportive construction in infrastructure, and basic and pillar industries, which are vital to the development of the national economy.
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The GlenRock Group

GlenRock is a privately funded principal investment and advisory firm.
GlenRock seeks out emerging and established companies that have significant opportunities for growth and value creation, as well as other special situation investment opportunities.
Through our global network of relationships we identify proprietary opportunities and execute them on an exclusive basis.
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Clal Industries and Investments (Clal) is one of Israel's leading investment companies, holding a portfolio of investments that encompass manufacturing, advanced technology and consumer-oriented companies.  The company's shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the symbol CII.
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Access Industries

Access Industries is a privately held industrial group with long-term holdings worldwide. Our industrial focus spans three sectors: Natural Resources and Chemicals, Media and Telecommunications, Real Estate.
Founded in 1986 by Len Blavatnik, an American entrepreneur and philanthropist, Access is an international industrial concern with strategic investments in the United States, Europe and South America.
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IDB Group

The IDB Group is the largest investment company in Israel, with a diversified portfolio
encompassing some of the most influential business enterprises in the Israeli economy.
IDB strives to improve its business performance through constant examination of its
businesses in order to obtain a sizable yield for its shareholders.
IDB also pursues diversified overseas business activities.
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Oriza Holdings

Oriza Holdings, which formaly known as Suzhou Venture Group (SVG), is one of the participating projects of CSSD. The company was founded on Nov 28, 2001 with the registered capital of RMB1,280 million. The company aims at accelerating industrialization of hi-technology and assisting small and medium companies own independent property rights. Oriza Holdingsis engaged in direct investment in hi-tech companies during the initial establishment and development stage and provides loan guarantees for these companies and for companies that are ready for IPO.
Oriza Holdings cooperates with multinational companies for strategic investments.
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