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The IP Bank is a crystallization of Infinity’s ongoing technology cooperation and investment initiatives for the past decade. It is a quality hub of IP and knowhow where the interest and the deliverables of East and West intersect to the betterment of economies and peoples worldwide. It is the crowning center of cutting edge IP, sound investment sources, and the required knowhow to support smooth transitions and growing enterprises.

IP Bank Technologies:

Pulsar Ltd. provides innovative manufacturing solutions that enable companies to manufacture products faster, at significantly lower cost and using a wider range of materials. Currently, Pulsar is setting up an operation in China and exploring the cooperation opportunities with various Chinese partners.

Ghost offers individuals and businesses file storage and apps in the cloud to enable secure personal computing from any device. Ghost is distributed directly from its web site and through channel.

Power Paper Ltd. is a leading provider of micro-power source technology, which addresses a growing trend across a wide range of industries towards ultra-thin and flexible micro-powered devices.

PV Nano Cell is developing a nano-metric silver dispersion technology for inkjets that enables solar industry silicon cell manufacturers to achieve a significant cost reduction in the manufacturing process in parallel with an improvement in overall cell efficiency. The company is also in the process of developing new nano material based products for other applications and industries. IP Bank invested in PV Nano and delivered a mission to bring PV Nano to China; by structuring an investment deal by, together with one of Infinity’s local fund offices, finding and investing to a leading related manufacturing company in China.  Together, 4 parties had created a Joint Venture in China and locating at Suzhou Industrial Park running from R&D, manufacturing to sales and marketing in China.


Power ID is technology pioneer and market leader of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Battery Assisted Passive technology (BAP). Focusing on the BAP field, Power ID has rich development experience and relevant iwc da vinci replica watches skills, especially in BAP tag chip design, antenna design and BAP RFID system performance optimization.
In 2011,Power ID was almost acquired by US high-tech company. Infinity successfully prevented it through legal methods. Infinity completed acquisition of Power ID in the same year.
After completion of overseas acquisition by IP Bank, in order to integrating various resources: an invitation to the same industry senior company Euro Label joined the establishment of the joint venture company, and injected into Infinity of local fund capital, set up production base in Changzhou, the products achieved mass production in China.
At the background of emphasizing networking development in the 12th five-year plan, Power ID is of great development prospect by its BAPRFID technology.

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