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EST Technology Corp

Ningbo Est Technology Co.,Ltd. is focus on the devebpment ,production and marketing of plastic machinery automation control products,orients in serving medium and high end plastics machinery and equipment manufacturers,in the base of equiped with autom atic control techonlogy which has independentinte llectualproperty rights,to provide custom ers with the most professional control products and so lutions to growing together with customers.

EST`s core products are dual/multi-CPU replica watches computer control system for in jection molding machine,the EHS all-digital servo energy-saving control system which began developing in 2007 is the pioneer of the field,and quickly became model of the second-generation precision servo energy saving systtem.Inte lligent power monitoring and balancing system,in tegrated mold protection systems,remote monitoring system applicated with 3G technobgy,are all the pioneer paten ted technobgy.EST has strong technical force, with many experienced in jection molding machine control techonbgy experts and the elite-class software and hardware R&D team engaged in product improvem entand new techonbgy research and new productdeve bpm ent.Strong and professional technical suppport and perfectafter-sales service system to ensure that users with out any worries.

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